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The gold standard
in vaporizers

Emissions Tested Clean
More Vapor. More Flavor.

A Cartridge Like No Other

Emissions Tested

All PurTec products are emissions tested against the most stringent worldwide standards as established by the EU.

Highest Quality Materials

PurTec products are manufactured with certified materials and components.

California Based

Based in Irvine, CA, you can rest assured all of our staff is here 24-7 to work hands on with our clients.

Optimal User Experience

Our focus is on the end user. We started our vision in 2017 with the user in mind, and it's reflected in the quality of our products.
Purtec Delivery Systems

Safety. Performance. Service.

Summit - Outperforming the Rest

Our Summit cartridges are superior to other ceramic cell cartridges on the market because of significant engineering and design upgrades that deliver more consistent and reliable performance. Importantly, all PurTec cartridges are emissions tested at the most stringent worldwide standards established by the EU.

The Orchid Essentials® Platform

Revered as the highest quality cartridge on the market, the Orchid Essentials® carts and battery are now available to other brands and processors. Simply put, nothing else compares.

Disposable Devices

At PurTec we have developed some of the most cutting edge disposable devices on the market today, plus they are available in many different form factors and at more cost effective prices than competitors. They are also emissions tested ‘Safe & Clean” as they pass all European Standards.

Reach the Top with the Summit

Unrivaled Customization Options

Device Type
510 Summit Cartridge
Reservoir Materials
Reservoir Volume
.5ml , 1ml
Fill Type
Top, Single or Double Needle
Cap Type
Compression or Screw-on
Colors Available
Black, White, Silver, Custom CMYK
Wick Type
Battery Connection
Mouthpiece Materials
Steel (anodized) or Certified Clean Resin
1.4Ω, 1.6Ω, 1.9Ω (customizable)

Delivery systems built with consumer safety in mind...

All PurTec products are emissions tested in the United States and meet European Standards, which are the strictest in the world. PurTec even self-imposes additional standards and conducts testing to ensure that every product delivers a safe and reliable consumer experience. We “double check” using labs overseas and domestically, ensuring clean and safe product offerings to our customers. In due time we support and believe that emissions testing will be mandatory in the US for all competitors. 

Explore Functionality

Why We're Different

Superior Power Supply

Our batteries are engineered with the consumer in mind. Imagine visiting your retailer on the way out of town only to have your battery run out of charge just 2 days into your trip. With PurTec batteries they last longer, are quickly rechargeable and are the most reliable batteries available on the market today.

Certified Materials

Building an effective delivery system starts with sourcing certified, quality materials. We work with some of the most respected suppliers in the world to ensure our finished product is reliable and is both leach tested and emissions tested clean, so that our customers have the confidence they are providing the best products available.

PurTec® Concierge

Our team is not just experienced and knowledgeable, but also accessible 24-7! Our team works with brands and processors to streamline efficiencies in production lines, create SOP's and automation, and help our customers with filling options. Our team is here to work with you, in person.

World-class Delivery Systems

Experience the next level of vaporizers.


PurTec Delivery Systems

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