The revolutionary K2 is the most advanced disposable to ever hit the market. Featuring the PurCore R1 technology, this fully rechargeable disposable will offer your customers a superior user experience, optimal flavor and safety, effortless draw and a low temp vaping experience that is sure to please. With an easy filling and capping function this disposable is optimized for production efficiencies.

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What's Inside?

  • Revolutionary PurCore R1 Technology
  • Effortless Draw
  • Low Temp
  • Fully Rechargeable (1ml option only)
  • Easy Capping & Filling
  • Preheating Function

  • Resistance:
  • Battery Capacity:
  • Coil:
    PurCore R1
  • Aperature:
    4 X 1.9mm
  • Auto-Draw:
    Puff Sensor Controlled
  • Volume:
    1ml / .5ml
  • Size (1ml):
    13.5mm X 90mm
  • Size (.5ml):
    13.5mm X 84mm
  • Net Weight:

If you require a return, please contact your Integration Manager for a RMA.

All PurTec disposables can be completely customized to fit your brand. From screen-printing, to full adhesive wraps, soft-touch painted surface, and a variety of metal finishes, your disposables will be tailored to your needs. All LED lights are customizable and programmable, as well as power settings.

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