PurCore R1

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What's PurCore R1

The μKERA™ technology ensures your customers won’t experience a burnt taste, annoying oil spit-back, harmful additives or heavy metal contamination, and a massive reduction of the risk of inhalation of ceramic particles. What it delivers to the consumer is an unadulterated flavor, strong vapor production, and most importantly, safety. Since 2011, JWEI has been the leader in vaporizer manufacturing and development. μKERA™ and the PurCore R1 platform is exclusively offered by PurTec.

PurCore R1, also known as μKERA™ NC is a notch coil design using only 316L medical grade stainless steel that not only offers superior evenly distributed heating, but a greatly improved user experience. Our proprietary sintering process results in a stronger ceramic, even heating distribution, and zero usage of adhesives and glues. With PurCore R1 you will have a better tasting product, a smoother draw, and a safer user experience. Try R1 for yourself and compare it to your current cartridges. You will be blown away.

The Future of Vaping


Using more reliable and biocompatible precious metals.


Creating a refined porous wicking with a particle-free experience.


We will customize your vape products around your needs.

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