Everest F1

PurCore F1, also known as μKERA™, namely micro ceramic or Mikrokeramik in German, is a ceramic based micro-engineered vaporization technology, which has been developed by JWEI Advanced Technology Center in Switzerland and China. μKERA™ has leveraged the precision of the ceramic fabrication process, the efficiency of submicron and micron heating and the power of numerical simulation design to create a next-generation micro ceramic vaporization solution. A solution that offers a more safe and superior vaping experience.


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All PurTec POD systems can be completely customized to fit your brand. From screen-printing, to full adhesive wraps, soft-touch painted surface, and a variety of metal finishes, your POD systems will be tailored to your needs. All LED lights are customizable and programmable, as well as power settings, and the power button itself or auto-draw feature.

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