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To design, engineer, and manufacturer Cannabis and CBD delivery systems that meet the most strict quality and safety standards, while delivering a superior experience for consumers and sustainable value for the brands and companies we serve.

How We Differentiate

The safety of PurTec products is unique in the industry. PurTec is the only manufacturer of cannabis and CBD vape hardware that emissions tests every product against the strictest standards in the world, the AFNOR standards.


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The PurTec Team


CEO, Chairman

Corey Mangold has been a serial entrepreneur for over 20 years with multiple successful start-ups and exits. Corey founded Orchid Ventures, parent company of PurTec Delivery Systems, in 2017 with a passion for creating the highest standards within the cannabis and CBD industries. With an extensive 20 year career as a software engineer, his insights into the engineering of PurTec products and the PurGuard software platform have been invaluable.



Rick Brown is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of executive leadership with enterprises such as Yum Brands, TacoBell, Burger King, Gillette, H&R Block, Smile Brands and others. Rick's leadership experience is key to the foundation of the PurTec mission to deliver the safest hardware available.


Chief Product Officer

Luke Hemphill has an extensive background in sales and operational leadership for large enterprise companies, in which he grew total company revenue over $100 million in revenue while working with Costco. Additionally, he earned an MBA from Washington State University with a focus on executive leadership. Luke joined the industry with the sole purpose to create reliable products that consumers could trust to be safe and effective.


Director of HR & Finance

Katelyn joined PurTec on day 1 in 2017 and has grown with the company ever since. Over the years, Katelyn has evolved to have a focus in Finance & Human Resources and has become an integral part of developing both departments. Katelyn is excited to continue to help to advance the company in this powerful industry.


Operations Manager

Casey McClure is PurTec's Operations Manager, overseeing daily communication, planning and strategy execution across the various agencies PurTec engages with, as well as the company's internal marketing efforts. Casey graduated with a BA in Public Relations and has prior extensive experience within a digital marketing agency. She has a passion for being creative and seeing projects through fruition.


VP of Sales

Jessi is passionate about providing value, creative solutions and extending her knowledge about cannabis vape hardware to her customers. She lives in Orange County, California with her husband and children

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We currently do not have any available positions. If you are interested in joining the PurTec team, please fill out the contact form and someone from our Human Resources department will reach out to you.

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