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We see your disposable, and we raise you a PurSilo. You haven’t experienced a disposable like this. Available in 1 gram or 0.5 gram, fully customizable skin, and a battery that is beefed up to ensure your customers don’t have that terrible experience when you have oil left and your battery is dead. At PurTec, we hate that, so all of our batteries are over-engineered and the PurSilo is no exception. Featuring a proprietary quartz coil (not ceramic, but quartz, and yes that’s better…) and full body aluminum housing, the feel of this device in your hand is exceptional. Speak with your representative today to get some samples and experience the PurTec difference for yourself.


The PurSilo is our newly designed and engineered disposable device. Not only is the quality of the product superior, and the user-experience the best we’ve seen in a disposable, but the cost reduction and the ease of filling and capping adds tremendous value to a manufacturer. The design of the PurSilo features a self-contained device that can be either .5g or 1g and a completely customizable wrap so you can brand the entire device with anything your heart desires. With a dual needle filling chamber for rapid filling, and a easy press on cap assembly, this is the easiest disposable to integrate into your production line. Need help with filling and integration, speak with the PurTec Concierge Team today to schedule an in-person meeting where our team will come to your production facility, consult, and help get your production line up to speed with PurSilo.


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