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PurTec Orchid

PurTec Orchid is the gold standard of cannabis and CBD vape cartridges. PurTec designed the Orchid platform in 2017 and we are pleased to launch the V3 cartridge. With removable mouthpiece and a cyclone to stop any oil from popping into your mouth, improving air surface area for cooling and a smoother draw. The Orchid cartridge has better saturation, more airflow, and a bigger draw than ANY cartridge on the market. And of course, it’s emissions tested clean against EU Standards.


PurTec Orchid. The Beast. Simply put, it’s the best cartridge on the market in every way. Reliability, airflow, oil saturation, flavor, draw size, we nailed it all. Orchid is a fan favorite and has been sold in California and Oregon under the Orchid Essentials™


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