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Frequently Asked Questions

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PurTec only supplies wholesale to customers throughout the world. Please contact us today to speak with a sales representative to establish an account.

Don’t we all wish. All freight will be quoted by our logistics team as well as any tariffs that may apply. Shipping rates vary depending on location as well as preferred speed of delivery. We offer both by sea and air!

Emissions testing is something that is required in most industries that create products that are inhaled by consumers. To date emissions standards have not been established in the US.   Given our corporate focus on safety we put ourselves to the test by conducting emissions tests against the most stringent worldwide standards established by the EU.  We “double check” using labs overseas and domestically, ensuring clean and safe product offerings to our customers. Ask us about our emissions test results – we are happy to share these with you.

Mother Nature is a beast that can’t be tamed. With elevation comes changes in pressure. Cartridges can’t escape the grasp of physics and therefore, no cartridges are leak proof. If they were you wouldn’t be able to get airflow and it would be equivalent of sucking a milkshake through a coffee straw. Make sure that if products reach elevation in your supply chain, to store and ship products with the mouthpiece facing down.

With volume comes ability and safety of products.  Simply put, our manufacturing partner is the largest in the electronic cigarette industry, and purchase materials in such volume that it allows us to offer you the most competitive pricing around.  All materials used are certified by the government, meaning they are tested for heavy metals and toxins. The buying power we have because of our size allows us to ensure our supply chain is stable, vetted, and all materials pass through vigorous inspections.

Our design & engineering department is one of the best in the business. Contact us today or reach out to your PurTec representative to discuss not only infinite branding options, but our unlimited possibilities for custom designing and engineering your own OEM product line. Custom engineering does carry a fee, but rest assured it’s 100% refundable and is directly discounted on your first order, so at the end of the day you pay nothing.

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